From the desk of Rev. Dr. T.L. Steele Sr.


No Room For Excuses

The Bible says in Luke 14:18, “And they all with consent began to make excuse.” You can define an excuse as- “a plea offered for release from an obligation or a promise.” Someone has said an excuse is- “the skin of a reason stuffed with a lie.” The picture in Luke 14 is a great supper being prepared. In the account, certain ones were invited to come and partake. They began to make excuses such as- “I have bought a piece of ground……….I have bought five yoke of oxen………and I have married a wife (v.18-20). People are still doing the same thing today in our present day. Many will do anything or say anything to be released from obligations or promises. There are some things there should be no legitimate excuse for in this life.

I. No Excuse For Failing To Be Saved. See Romans 1:20. There is no excuse for anyone who has reach the age of accountability remaining lost–even the heathen. If they will react as they should to the light God has given, God gives more light. We have a “whosoever” will Gospel to preach. Jesus tasted death for every man so that every man could have the opportunity to be saved (Heb.2:9). We are told in the Bible to preach the Gospel to every creature (Mk.16:15). To turn down God’s offer for salvation is a spiritually fatal matter.

II. No Excuse For Forgetting God. In Jer. 2:32 God says, “My people have forgotten me days without number.” To “forget God” is to take no note of, to fail to think of, to disregard or fail to notice. Our lack of prayer, our lack of persistence, and our lack of power shows we have forgotten God. Our generation could be indicted for the crime.

III. No Excuse For Fretting Over The Past. Micah 7:19 tells us our sins are cast into the depths of the sea. They are forgotten. It is never God who recalls things from the past in your mind that will hinder your spiritual progress in the present. You can rest assured that is the job of the devil and his demons. It is amazing to me that God forgets our repented of sins;however, many men and women will not forgive themselves. If God has forgiven you, then forgive yourself.

IV. No Excuse For Fear About The Future. I may not know what tomorrow holds but I know Who holds my hand. See 2 Tim. 1:7.

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